What our Clients Say

Color Genius!

Awesome as always! Diane is a color genius! I always get tons of compliments on my hair! We do something different each time, to keep my hair healthy and the color looking fabulous! -A.F.

Color Master!

Diane has done my hair for over 15 years and she keeps it looking fresh, natural and beautiful! She is so great at blending color and making highlights look natural. Plus, she is tons of fun! -A.R.

Great Haircut

Love Diane. She not only does a great haircut but I always have fun when I am there. She does such a great job and listens to what I want.

-Anne Levescy

17 years of awesomeness!!!!

I've been going to Diane for 17 years and she never fails me! My hair always looks great and she's a color genius! Also, she's very honest will tell you what will and won't look good with your hair type. -Ashley F.

Diane's a Hair Artist!

Diane's definitely an excellent creative hair artist! I was very impressed with her ability to look at my photos as suggestions & she confidently & quickly transformed my thin straggly hair into a masterpiece haircut that has body & the look of "volume"...WOW! -Barb P.

Love my hair again!

Diane is just the best at bringing out the best of my hair. My hair always looks perfect when leaving, I would never go anywhere else -Barbara Morrow

WOW Hair.

Ms D did a great job with my new hair color. I can always depend on Diane to give me a million dollar look. Thanks as Always!! -Barbara Waddell

Best of the Best

Diane truly is the best. She has hi-light magic, a true professional. For many, many year now she has always made my long blond hair look absolutely beautiful. Thank You Diane! -C.N.


I have long blond hair that Diane worked her magic on for many years! My hair is always strong, silky and shinny. I've had many people tell me that it must be nice to have such beautiful, natural blond hair! Now that's a compliment for Diane because my hair turned gray many years ago! -Cheryl N.


Always consistent, beautiful hair! Diane's a great person who is professional, kind, compassionate and talented. 15-16 years of Always! -Cheryl N.

Wonderful New Color

Diane is a wonderful colorist. She just took me from a dark brunette to a caramel with blonde highlights and it totally looks natural. I wouldn't have trusted anyone else with such a big change! -CMJ

Great Color and Cut

I have been going to Diane for nearly 16 years. I have followed her all around the city just so I can make sure I have the best color and cuts. -CMJ

Wonderful Hair Cut and Color

Love my hair color and cut! I always get compliments on my hair color. A new cut this time and a new look has given me every more compliments. She is the best ever and I am so pleased -Connie M.

Love my color!

Diane always knows what will look the best on my hair and will listen to what I have to say about the color and the cut. She is very knowledgeable about both and I value her opinion because I always love the color and the cut! I highly recommend Diane to everyone! -Connie M.

A Great cut is one that stand up in wind.

I teach golf for living and standing out in the wind all day it's important that I don't look wind blown all day or have to go check the mirror to see if my hair is sticking up in places. I come to Diane cause the wind may blow my hair in 10 different directions but it will lay back down presentable just running my finger through it. I don't have to go check to see. That's the reason our relationship has lasted 10 years and counting. -Dalton MCrary

Best you'll find

I've been going to Diane for a long time now and every time I leave I get compliments about my hair. I have people stop me in stores to tell me they love my hair. It's the best feeling to know your hair looks so good strangers compliment you. You will get the best haircuts and color and look like a rockstar! -Debbie F.

15 Years and Counting!

I've been Diane's client for more than 15 years - she's one of the best in the business. Haircuts are done with precision and Diane's coloring knowledge yields beautiful color that glows with perfectly matched tones. I'm her customer for life! -Dona de Garcia

She loves what she does!

Diane made my hair look fantastic. She is super friendly, professional, and you can tell that she loves what she does. She is really great with highlights and color, and gave me a super cute long bob that looks just how I imagined. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Diane! -Emily W.

Great Coloring!

Diane has been coloring and styling my hair for more than 10 years. The color always looks natural and even. And the cut is always the way that I like it. -J.S.

Great to work with!

Diane has been styling and coloring my hair for longer than I can remember. It's always the way I like it, and she makes sure that both of us are happy with the results. -J.S.

Consistently Great!

Diane has been coloring and cutting my hair for over ten years. Cut and color is always great, no need to go elsewhere! -J.S.

Beautifully Blonde

There is a reason Diane won the BEST colorist in DFW...because she is. The technique she uses I can go up to 10 weeks between high-lites! My hair is healthy and shiny because of how she has taught me to take care of it. She is AMAZING! When was the last time someone asked you who did your hair, go to Diane and people won't stop! -Jenny P.

Blonde Goddess

Diane has a way with the highlights! I am a Blonde Goddess again thanks to her and her magic scissors! -Jenny P.


Diane always knows what to do with my hair even if I don't give her a clear picture of what I want. I've been going to her for 13 years!!! She's the absolute best -Joanna C.

Fabulous Hair

I have been going to Diane's for over thirteen years. She is one of kind that really knows hair. I have to die for curls and she is the I only one that knows how to cut,dye,and styles hair. Once you visit her you are a loyal customer. -Johanna sandoval

Only Diane knows how grey I am

I enjoy being able to go in and relax, no worry about my hair and knowing I am in good hands with Diane. My color always looks great and I am always having people ask me who does my hair. Only Diane knows how grey I am. -Julie W.

Fab hair!

As always, Diane has made my hair gorgeous. She takes my thick, curly, frizzy hair and turns it into sleek, shiny fabulousness. She's been coloring and styling my hair for over 10 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. -M. S.

Best hair ever!

Once again, Diane has made me look and feel beautiful. I've been her client and friend for 10 years, and I alway know I can count on her to tame my wild curly greying hair into sleek shiny locks. This time it's for my son's graduation, and we all want to look our best for that! I even feel a little sexy with my fab bob. Thanks Diane! -M.S.

Best Highlights

Diane made my blonde gorgeous and shiny. My hair has not looked like this since I was a kid. Great!!! -Maggie B.


Nothing to say but.... She is awesome!!! She listens. She talks through what you want instead of assuming she knows. Love her!! -Mandy B.

You couldn't pay me to switch...

I've been lucky enough to be a client of Diane's since moving here 2+ years ago. She is a Master stylist who gives superb haircuts (the best I've gotten in over 4 decades) and is the best colorist I've ever known. She listens to my desires and concerns and I always leave the salon looking and feeling beautiful. An added plus: Diane is a great person--warm, friendly, caring. -Mary Ann T

She LISTENS to you!

I've been seeing Diane for highlights and haircuts since I moved to Texas (about 2+ years ago) and couldn't be happier. I always know my highlights (whether full or partial) will be look great and her haircuts and styling are super -- she LISTENS to you, so you always leave with hair you love. Would not go anywhere else! -Mary Ann T.

Diane's the best!

Once again, Diane went above and beyond what aht. I have thick, gray, curly, difficult hair and know that I can count on Di to get it right. She's the best!nyone else would do in order to get my color rig -Mindy S.

Delighted !

I have been fortunate to have Diane as my stylist for many years now. She excels in all she does. She is the best at highligting my hair. I have received many compliments from people I have never met before. I always walk away from an appintment feeling good and with a new sense of confidence once Diane has finished with my hair. I would never think of going anywhere else. Thanks Diane! -P.S.

The Best !!!

Diane is still the best! She trimmed my shoulder length hair and conditioned my hair. My hair looks and feels great! She is a perfectionist. My blow dry result is excellent! Make an appointment with Diane today!!! -Regina D.

THE BEST. Period.

Diane is simply the best. Period. I have been going to Diane since 2007 and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She updated my hairstyle and it is easy for me to maintain. I love the way my naturally wavy looks after Diane blow dries it. Her precision haircuts are incomparable. She uses only state-of-the art tools and products. Diane is very friendly and personable, but very professional in her skill. You will not regret going to Diane. She's the best!!! -Regina D.

Diane is awesome!

Diane is an artist and very talented colorist and stylist. She was recommended by a good friend and I have been a regular patron for several years. I would happily give her name as one of the BEST I have ever seen. Thank you! -Sally T.

Would go nowhere else

I have been getting my hair styled, cut and colored at Diane and Company for a long time. Diane is really good at understanding what I want even when I don't. I would, and have, recommended her to my friends. -Sandra P


Diane has been styling my hair for many years.She is definitely an expert in her field! I found out about her through a friend and I have never gone anywhere else. I always leave an appointment feeling refreshed and confident! She is highly recommended. -T.S.


Moved back to Texas over a year ago and was searching for great hair! After several failed attempts with other salons , I searched the internet for someone who uses Goldwell color...I found Diane and Company and booked an appointment...I will NEVER go anywhere else..EVER! Diane is AWESOME.... -Tracey